RT LBL-16 (290 x 350mm Pan Size 30kg -5g)

The Barcode Label Printing Balance will used mostly for Fruits/Vegetables/Bakery/Sweets/Meat/Fish Stall/Supermarket/ Textile Industry and much more…



Ø  10.1” color Touch screen and common keyboard. These two

functions unite in one scale make it intelligent and easy to operate.

Ø  Vice display can show such as pictures, ads and sales information

Ø  Three print mode and three sale mode can be shift automatically

Ø  Pre-setting the function key can set inner parameter, PLU and report

Ø  Auto weighing, and adjust the location of goods pictures according to

its classification

Ø  Intelligent management software: user can download or change parameter

and also have goods picture or other basic information for user to download.

Ø  32 Functions key, 71×2 shortcut keys

Ø  100 mm/s printing speed

Ø  5000 pieces PLU


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