RT LBL-10 (290 x 350mm Pan Size 30kg – 5g)

The Barcode Label Printing Balance will used mostly for Fruits/Vegetables/Bakery/Sweets/Meat/Fish Stall/Supermarket/ Textile Industry and much more…



Ø  20,000 PLU

Ø  40×2 Hotkeys & 38 Function Keys – RT RPB-8

Ø  63 x 2 Hotkeys & 40 Function Keys – RT LBL-9

Ø  30 x 2 Hotkeys & 28 Function Keys – RT ECR-7

Ø  Green LCD – Negative Display

Ø  Front and Back LCD Display

Ø  57mm High Speed Thermal Printer

Ø  PLU information can be edited on scale/PC

Ø  High life Cycle Micro Switch Keypad

Ø  High quality Metal Body with Powder Coating

Ø  High quality Stainless Steel Body

Ø  USB interface for Mass Storage

Ø  RJ 45 for Ethernet Connectivity

Ø  Digital Cash Drawer Connectivity

Ø  Barcode Label Scanner Connectivity

Ø  WiFi Optional




Ø  SQL Server Integration.

Ø  Machine can Inject Data to Customer SQL Server.

Ø  Batching / Packing Mode.

Ø  Easy using DLL and software.

Ø  With our own Cloud mobile Application – shop@Hand





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